House Rules - Skills

Desperate Effort

You can spend HALF of your REMAINING Healing Surges (rounded up, minimum 1) to reroll a skill check with a +5 bonus.

  • This is intended to fix two issues:
    • Little overlap between combat resources and non-combat resources. I’d like out-of-combat decisions to affect combat, and vice-versa
    • I’d like some sort of “Fate Points” resource.
  • The rule is designed so that the benefit is always proportional to the risk:
    • A reroll with a +5 bonus is roughly equivalent to giving a +10 bonus to the initial roll.
    • So if you’ve got 8 Surges remaining (low risk), you must spend 4 for a +10 bonus (+2.5/Surge; low reward).
    • Whereas if you’ve got 1-2 Surges remaining (high risk), you only spend 1 for a +10 bonus (+10/Surge; high reward).

Adversaries skill

The Religion skill isn’t particularly appropriate for this setting:

  • No explicit division between religion and magic, so Arcana covers magic checks.
  • Most churches promote ancestor worship, which can be covered by History checks.
  • No pantheon of gods or divine creatures, so most creatures can be identified by Nature or Dungeoneering.

But there is a set of knowledge not adequately covered by any existing skill. Hence Religion will be replaced by Adversaries:

  • Similar usage to Religion:
    • Religion lets you recall well-known religions, their histories, their practices, and how to identify them. Adversaries lets you recall notorious individuals (usually legendary monsters), their histories, their abilities, and how to identify them.
    • Religion lets you recall well-known saints, prophes, priests, etc. Adversaries lets you recall well-known monster hunters.
  • Differs from Nature and Dungeoneering in that they provide info about species of creatures, whereas Adversaries is about specific individuals.

House Rules - Skills

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