House Rules - Rituals

To encourage the use of rituals, and to eliminate the huge monetary cost, the following changes are proposed:

Simplified casting time

  • Short: Rituals listed as 10 minutes or less are reduced to 3 Standard Actions
    • This makes them possible to use in combat, but risky
  • Medium: Rituals listed as 2 hours or less are reduced to 5 minutes (Short Rest)
    • Encourages players to use rituals since they’ll often be resting for 5 minutes anyway
  • Long: Rituals listed as more than 2 hours are reduced to 2 hours
    • If you can wait for 2 hours, you can usually wait much longer anyway; this just simplifies things

Blood rituals

  • Instead of spending money or components, it costs 3 Healing Surges (or the equivalent amount of hp) to perform a ritual.
    • Exception: item creation rituals still have a component cost, otherwise they’d mess up the economy
  • This cost can be distributed between the caster and willing adjacent allies
  • For every 2 levels that the caster is higher than the ritual, the cost is reduced by 1 Surge
    • E.g. a level 5 caster using a level 1 ritual spends only 1 Surge

Rituals cannot create food

  • Because infinite supplies of zero-effort food mess up the economy

House Rules - Rituals

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