House Rules - Firearms

Laser and black powder weapons are a part of the setting. Their stats are listed below, alongside some existing weapons for comparison.

Simple Ranged Weapons – One Handed

  • Hand crossbow (crossbow)
    • Prof +2, Damage 1d6, Range 10/20, 25 gp, 2 lb, Off-hand, Load free
  • Flintlock pistol (powder)
    • Prof +2, Damage 1d8, Range 10/20, 20 gp, 2 lb, Off-hand, Load minor
    • Effective as a backup or offhand weapon, but slow as a main weapon.
  • Energy pistol (energy)
    • Prof +2, Damage 1d10, Range 10/20, 45 gp, 4 lb, Off-hand, Unstable
    • Powerful for its size, but shorter range than other energy weapons.

Simple Ranged Weapons – Two Handed

  • Crossbow (crossbow)
    • Prof +2, Damage 1d8, Range 15/30, 25 gp, 4 lb, Load minor
  • Musket (powder)
    • Prof +2, Damage 1d10, Range 15/30, 20 gp, 5 lb, Load move
    • Trades speed for power and simplicity.
  • Blunderbuss (powder)
    • Prof +2, Damage 1d12, Range 5/10, 15 gp, 5 lb, Load move, High crit
    • Little more than stinging hail at range, but devastating up close.
  • Beam rifle (energy)
    • Prof +2, Damage 1d12, Range 20/40, 55 gp, 12 lb, Unstable
    • Long, heavy, and temperamental, but packs a huge punch.

Superior Ranged Weapons – Two Handed

  • Greatbow (bow)
    • Prof +2, Damage 1d12, Range 25/50, 30 gp, 5 lb, Load free
  • Superior crossbow (crossbow)
    • Prof +3, Damage 1d10, Range 20/40, 30 gp, 6 lb, Load minor
  • Arc laser (energy)
    • Prof +3, Damage 1d12, Range 20/40, 65 gp, 20 lb, Unstable
    • Huge rifle with a specialized targeting system, the beam literally arcs in midair to hit its target.

New Weapon Groups

  • Energy: Extremely powerful weapons made from rare, ancient tech. Most energy weapons these days are cobbled together from recycled parts, hence their notorious instability. The internal battery is assumed to have enough ammo for regular use, so energy ammo is not tracked.
  • Powder: Easy to manufacture and use, these are popular as militia weapons but frowned upon by professional marksmen due to their slow reload speed. Their ammunition uses the same stats as crossbow bolts.

New Weapon Properties

  • Load move: Same as the “Load minor” property, but requires either a Standard action or a Move action to reload, instead of a Minor. If you have the Speed Loader feat, the time required is reduced to a Minor action instead.
  • Unstable: If you roll a 5 or 15 when attacking with an Unstable weapon, the weapon overloads, venting excess energy in all directions. Your attack ends and you are Dazed (Save Ends). Creatures adjacent to you must immediately make a saving throw or become Dazed until the end of their next turn.

House Rules - Firearms

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